T.M. Carpenter Bio: 

You'll see in the bio on the back cover of my book that I was born in Minnesota and grew up in south Minneapolis near Minnehaha Falls and now live in Parker, Colorado with my wife.  We have two children in college and I run Global Sales for a Digital Marketing Company. What I don't say in that bio is what my motivation was/is for writing the HIGHER GROUND SERIES, which will consist of three books.

Having been born in the sixties in the Mid-West I guess you could say I was a hayseed. But while I spent plenty of time on a farm, I also grew up in the city. Back when neighbors watched out for neighbors and disciplined each other's kids, when teachers were treated with dignity, and the autority of principals was respected.  Before violent and profane rap songs were ever imagined, let alone dominated the entire entertainment industry. It's hard to argue that our society today is in any sense better, more honest, kinder or less inclined to selfishness. As the human species confronts the future we must acknowledge our inability to continue the historical behaviors that have led to not only our ongoing violence and hatred toward our fellow man, but crimes against nature (The Creator) and the planet.

We must either evolve or desolve and regardless of religious beliefs and differences it would be hard to argue that a "loving" creator would have written this script. We seemingly refuse to acknowledge that we are the actors, and we can interpret the script we were given in numerous ways. While decency still exists, it does not seem to pay as well as it did in the past. If we do in fact have any thing close to "free will", we are then, to some degree, in control of our destiny. We are responsible for our choices and behavior. The ending hasn't already been determined, and mankind's fate isn't already sealed, at least not on an individual level. Will we continue down a path of hatred, division, greed, prejudice and destruction until an ultimate day of judgement? To me this seems like a dangerous belief, when in fact more may actually be expected of us.

I believe we have a significant degree of control, and can greatly influence, if not determine, through our choices, beliefs and actions, what the future brings. But only if we can find a way to break free from the chains that enslave us to patterns of behavior and beliefs that focus on our differences versus our common interests and bonds. Naive? Yes. Against history? Of course. Impossible? Maybe. But absolutely necessary, or our reign on earth will make the dinosaurs look like the smartest species that ever lived.

Without a change in our thinking we have little chance to be more than a blink of an eye in the history of living creatures to inhabit this planet. Perhaps that is our destiny. A sobering thought, but something every human needs to ponder. Or we can of course, leave it to some other source which has already decided the outcome. Even if the outcome were already determined, there's still plenty of opportunity to affect how it plays out. So, if it's up to us we have an obligation to seek HIGHER GROUND. If it's not up to us, well, then it's not up to us. It would appear that what we believe in this regard makes a tremendous difference in how hard we may try to affect change and be a positive force in the world.

Can we reconcile our beliefs in a way that brings mankind together, or is that hoping against hope? What do you believe? It's a important question and well worth giving some thought, regardless of one's individual religious or spiritual proclivities.

The HIGHER GROUND SERIES is an attempt to explore what happens when beliefs are reinforced, challenged, or possibly even discarded as humans face excessive hardship and uncertainty. Pressure, stress and confusion can bring out both the best and worst sides of our natures. Our future, very much depends, on which side emerges as the dominate force.


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