First Review
"I loved this book! It's energetic and well thought out with a fast pace and wonderful characters that could easily be "the neighbors next door." Very easy to relate to with real places included, which is quite refreshing from the usual "fictional towns" often used. Two pages in, it becomes obvious that the author has done his homework and has a great understanding of not only these locations but also how to weave his fictional characters into them, while moving them forward into a plot that smacks the reader straight in the face and will keep them guessing page after page. Can't wait for the next one to see what happens and what develops!"

- Germaine

Second Review
"Fantastic book! It draws you in from the start and keeps you hooked through the whole story. The characters are both well developed and highly believable. The scenario is believable to a point that you start thinking that you should stock up food, buy some guns and purchase that remote cabin in the woods, you know...just in case the author is right. Clearly the author has more story to tell as the ending leaves you wanting to read on. I, for one, can't wait for the second book."

- Hoss

Additional Reviews:

"What a great initial entry by this first-time author. Stirring, thought provoking and well researched, this made me want to push through and read the entire book in 1 day. Clearly T.M. Carpenter has been thinking about this scenario and researching the implications of pandemics and other airborne "weapons of mass destruction". The characters have depth and are well written. The locations in the book are real and as such bring the action to life. Fast paced and thrilling, I can't say enough about how strong of a book this is for a new author. I'm certainly intrigued to read the next book and see where the series takes us. I'm also wondering just how much of this book is true and what research I need to be doing to be better prepared. With the 2016 election pending, this is a topic that should be on the table for discussion!"

- Jim

"Who is the real terrorist? Can our government be purposely spreading a worldwide pandemic in order to cull the world population? The author has done a masterful job of taking us through this “What if” scenario. He has crafted a rollercoaster ride of scary and humorous moments that test the courage and fortitude of an average middle class family trying to escape. What would I do in this crisis? Who would I call? Do I have enough to live on? Do I even want to survive? These are the questions he makes us ponder. The world we live in and believe in is constantly being tested, but T.M. Carpenter reassures us that there is always hope. You don’t want to put this down."

- R Landsverk

"This is not your typical doomsday story. The plot features great character development that includes different beliefs and philosophies that the individuals possess. All of the issues are very relevant to what is going on in the world today, so that, in and of itself, makes the story fascinating. I found myself not being able to put the book down. I read it in two long sittings. I can't wait for the next book that will carry this plot further."

- George Kaminski

"This book is a must read. It is extremely thought provoking, and so real it is scary. C'mon, Mr. Carpenter! Write the sequel SOON. (I am told by my son that you are in the process of doing this now.) Hope that one of these days you are in MN and we can get together to talk about your ideas and research."

- Jane Wicherski

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